by Yo OTA
2008 / 8mm / color / sound / 1S / 14' 00

'PILGR IM AGE of TIME' was shot on the ground of pilgrimage of Catholicism when going to France during "Experiment movie France round screening of the seventh Japan" in 2007.

708 Age..bishop..Aubert..angel..Michael..receive..report..based on..make..Mont-Saint-Michel..monastery..girl..appear..Our Lady..show..miracle..fountain..Lourdes..additionally..Paris..cathedral..Saint-Germain..church..Sacre-Coeur..buddhist temple..take a picture..milli..film..based on..private..develop..optical..printer..milli..edit..blow..improve..make..movie.

It is not a movie about belief and religion even though it is shot in the sacred ground of Catholicism. Nothing in this film criticizes nor insults the belief and the religion.

The screen on the screen of the movie is a movie of the consideration of a certain kind of "Conviction" said that the scene in front of the camera is reproduced as it is at that time at the time of be taken a picture with the camera. In the translation that can be said that the reality on the screen of the movie has been approved by such "Conviction", the new work is not duck wisdom [re] that saying that such a structure might be a conviction is caught a glimpse by "Operation at movie time" etc. and gotten either. And, can it able to be said again that such a conviction is the one like a certain kind of "Belief" cultivated by the education in a wide meaning and is not possible to know. It doesn't collapse even if the structure of "Conviction" that the screen on such a screen of the movie is the one that the scene in front of the camera was reproduced sees the particle though is in the image for private development because it is firm noised irregular or there is garbage in the screen.


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 44,00 €