by Antoni PINENT
1999-2000 / 35mm / color / silent / 1S / 1' 50

Cameraless Film.

Cruel play on the order and interrelation among jigsaw pieces, proposing an occidental reading and never respecting the separations claimed by frames. Can there ever be a greater damnation than the pieces of a jigsaw that cannot reach other? They are denied their natural physical union, reminding us of those ancient maps, those maps of Old Europe that reflect an eternal fighting, a restless conflict battle after battle, where concave and convex turn out to be the same thing. Sometimes the warrior devotes himself so much to the defeat to keep his county that only then he becomes, for his Love, a real Warlord. How often, thanks to the screen, have we caressed each other with our glances!
It is a non-material cinema, opposed to what Stan Brakhage proposed in Mothlight (1963): moths that are forced to live on flowers, to return to Nature, to leave that alpaca suit after the death of the Great Gatsby. [Ana Isabel Aréjula. Madrid, 2002]


distribution format Digital file on server (PAL)
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound silent
rental fee 20,00 €