by Takashi MAKINO
2009 / HDCAM / color / sound / 1S / 18' 00

I do not think that the word ‘chaos’ means ‘confusion’ or ‘disarray’, rather I believe it refers to a state in which the name or location of ‘objects’ remains unknown. For instance , If a bird escapes from its cage , the world it discovers outside will appear to be chaos , but if it joins with a flock of other birds , it will gradually learn to apply ‘names’ to various placesーa safe place , a dangerous place, etc., thereby creating cosmos (order).
None of the creatures that exist in the world are born of there own volition ; when they first achieve awareness , they find themselves adrift in chaos. It is only by creating cosmos that they are able to overcome the fundamental meaningless and fear of existence.
When watching a film, the viewers all sit in the same darkness and receive the same light and sound but each of them sees a different dream. I believe that this symbolizes a reversion to their initial state , that when they look at total chaos through newborn eyes , they give birth to a new cosmos. Though this process they are able to reconfirm their existence which is an act of true creativity.
Human being have produced a world of speech that we are taught is real, but I believe the truth is that we carry many important things with us though our lives that cannot be satisfactorily expressed in words or images.
I sincerely hope that the violent chaos that exists in Still in cosmos will give rise to the same number of new cosmoses as there are viewers.


distribution format Digital file on server (HD)
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 60 fps
sound sound
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