by Eriko SONODA
2009 / Mini DV / color / sound / 1S / 9' 00

There are 16 printed images on the wall, which I photographed from a train in Germany two years ago. The images are disassembled so that each image has already lost its sense of landscape and their boundaries, like my memory. The “landscape”in transfigured into a “scene,” which represents traces of the consecutive passages as visual curves, depths, flow, and melodies. The video was made by the process of pasting the printed frames on the wall, one by one, and shifting them to the next cells in the matrix. I tried to produce the sense of lingering imagery, which is not found in my previous works, and composed music for the first time.


distribution format Digital file on server
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 30,00 €