notes on film 05

2011 / 35mm / color-b&w / sound / 1S / 8' 00

In this grotesque found-footage-film close-ups of 65 actors playing Adolf Hitler in movies created between 1940 and today are combined in shot/countershot-manner. The soundtrack is produced by the Austrian composer Bernhard Lang. No other historical figure of the 20th century was portrayed more often in movies and by so many different actors than Adolf Hitler (only Jesus Christ has more appearances in cinema´s history - but with a headstart of more than 50 years.) In this grotesque and uncanny identity parade Adolf Hitler is presented as an undead who is impersonated by an alarming number of revenants. "Conference" is part five of my notes on film-series, which deals wtih filmtheoretical and -historical subjects. The movie is also part of a series of works about Charles Chaplin, which includes a number of installations and films (production note).


distribution format 35mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 34,00 €

distribution format Digital file on server
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 34,00 €