Kindering, Christ Mass Sex Dance, Crack Glass Eulogy, Loud Visual Noises

1987-1992 / 16mm / color / sound / 1S / 18' 00

This reel of four short sound films by Brakhage includes: "Kindering". This film presents the voice of a child play-singing in relation to full orchestral "takes" of The Times and visually juxtaposed with children-at-play (my grandchildren Iona and Quay Bartek) in Americana backyard. They are seen, as in dream, to be already caught-up--in yet absolutely distinct-from the rituals of adulthood. The visuals were photographed and edited TO the music collage of Architect's Office performance AO124 by Trevor and Joel Haertling and Doug Stickler. SB; "Christ Mass Sex Dance". This work, composed of six rolls of superimposed images set to Jim Tenney's electronic music track "Blue Suede", is a celebration of the balletic restraints of adolescent sexuality -- shaped (in this instance) by "The Nutcracker Suite" of Tchaikovsky as well as the gristly roots of Elvis Presley. SB; "Crack Glass Eulogy". A nostalgic envisionment of city living -- the potential shards of memory seen as if always on the verge of cutting the mind to pieces... "Nostalgia is the most dangerous thought process" - poet Charles Olson, mid '60s. Music by Rick Corrigan. SB; and "Loud Visual Noises". Hand-painted -closed-eye - film envisioning optic feedback in response to sound. Collaborative soundtrack compiled by Joel Haertling with sound contributions by Die Totliche Doris (WG), Zoviet France (UK), Nurse With Wound (UK), The Hafler Trio (NL), Joel Haertling (US) and I.H.T.S.O. (WG). SB. 


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 63,00 €