by Milena GIERKE
1991 / Super 8mm / color / silent / 1S / 9' 00

One week captured in time-lapse. Approximately every 8 seconds, I shot a frame. One sees a table with a vase full of gladiolas. The flowers slowly wither. Three goldfish are observed in their aquarium. A candle is replaced as it burns down, and the differing speed with which each candle burns becomes visible. A small television runs non-stop, set on the German Channel 1.
There‘s a chair on the left where I some-times sit to eat or read. A clock hangs on the wall, as does a calendar. When the sun shines, the window casts a shadow that meanders along the wall. At night, one sees the reflection of the candle in the static on the television screen.
The rhythm of time is interrupted each time I put a new roll of film into the camera, sometimes causing the clock to appear to move backwards.

Twice reality is captured in “real time”: when a fish is fatally ill, and once to capture the entire setting.


distribution format Digital file on server
screen 16/9 (single screen)
sound silent
rental fee 28,00 €