by Rose LOWDER
1976-1997 / color / silent / 1S / 6' 00

Before I got a camera I had studied several visual questions, for example by projecting loops made by transparent 16 mm film leader, a perforator and a marker pen. Two discoveries – the first concerning the cinematic effects that can be produced through modulating the attributes of shapes, colors, and properties present on the filmstrip, the other about varying the gap between what can be seen on the screen and what’s visible on the strip, with the use of different elements applied to the series of images – came to constitute the base for the films I’ve composed, image after image, in the camera. After two decades and numerous screenings, rendering these loops increasingly difficult to project, I have recaptured and transfered a small selection (a series of four loops) into a film, while waiting to continue these experiments through other means.


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
rental fee 28,00 €