by Telemach WIESINGER
2009-2015 / 16mm / b&w / silent / 1S / 89' 00

By land, air and sea: an visual travelogue in twenty-one chapters.

Tireless flaneur Telemach Wiesinger extends his repertoire of cinematic travelogues with another poetic collage of interconnected spaces and places gathered on numerous journeys across Europe and North America. Shot, as always, on 16mm, Wiesinger’s images have a singular feel that emerges from a confident mastery of materials and a precise sense of timing. The panoply of in-camera effects transforms he outside world into a wondrous and frequently otherworldly spectacle that hovers between realism and surrealism.

Forms of travel and sites of passing trough are a constant feature, as are the steel structures and moving bridges that frequently appear in Wiesinger’s oeuvre and allow him to weave complex formal arrangements within the frame. The filmmaker engages in a playful exchange with the spectator, creating anticipation and surprise in equal measure.

(Dr. Kim Knowles, Curator Edinburgh International Film Festival)

KALEIDOSCOPE...S is the pure and silent original 16mm version of KALEIDOSCOPE.


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound silent
rental fee 222,00 €