Nationality: Brazilian

Rachel Rosalen was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism from the Fine Arts University of São Paulo and Master in Multimedia Art from Campinas State University (UNICAMP), Brazil with a Fellowship of CNPq Teacher and researcher at the Department of Communication and Body Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University, São Paulo, Brazil for two years (2002/03) and invited teacher at the Post-Graduation course of Creation of Images and Sounds on the Electronic Media, São Paulo, SENAC (2002/05). On 2003 she gets an Artist in Residence Fellowship from Japan Foundation at N&A Nanjo and Associates Curatorial Office - curator Fumio Nanjo (Nanjo and Associates and Mori Art Museum Deputy Curator), Tokyo, Japan. From 2003 till 2006 she currently lived and worked in between São Paulo and Tokyo. On 2006 wins a New Media Prize of the Government of State of São Paulo and on 2007 Sérgio Motta Institute for Art and Technology Award, São Paulo, Brazil. On 2007 she was an invited artist for a residence at Warteck PP, Basel, Swiss and was get support from Warteck PP Fonds to continue and finalize the project on 2008. For this finalization she had invited Rafael Marchetti to collaborate. On 2008 she gets a grant from IASPIS to make a project named 'In Between You and Me: Post-Diaries’ in collaboration with Marit Lindberg to present it in Malmö.


2005 / DVCAM / color / silent / single screen / 17' 00 / 58 €
distribution: Digital file on server
2004 / Betacam SP / color / sound / single screen / 3' 45 / 22 €
distribution: Digital file on server
2001 / Betacam SP / color-b&w / sound / single screen / 10' 00 / 35 €
distribution: Digital file on server