Nationality: chilean & english

Emilia Izquierdo is an artist based in London, UK working in video art using hand drawn animation and archival video footage. She has an MFA from the Slade school of Fine Art, London. MA Art and Politics at Goldsmiths University, London. Since 2012 she regularly exhibits her work in Video Art Festivals, Video Dance Festivals, residencies and exhibitions around the world.

Exhibited internationally, among others: Exp. 01, Experimental Moving Image, Genesis Cinema, London, UK (2018); Intersections, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival Seminar in Germany (2018), The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, New London, CT, USA (2018); Part II Soundscapes and Landscapes, Onasis Cultural Centre Athens, Greece (2018), Respublika! Nemes Art Centre, Limassol, Cyprus (2017); Blue Magpie Experimental Video Art Series, Hsunchu City Taiwan (2017);Instants Video 30th Numeriques Et Poetiques, Nos Desire Font Desordre, Marseille/Buenos Aires/Milan (2017); Soundscapes & Landscapes, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece(2017); 25th Quinzena de Danca International Videodance festival (2017), Biennale of Video Art, Angers, France (2017); Oodaaq International Video Art Festival, France (2017); Filmideo, Index Art Center, NJ, USA (2017) Frame + Form | Screen Dance Festival, Black Mountain College Museum, USA (2017); Madatac 8th Edition Video Art & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain (2017); Syracuse International Film & Media Festival 8th Edition, Syracuse, Italy (2016), The Digital Body Exhibition, BIDFF, Bucharest, Romania (2016); Artists & Landscape, CICA Museum, Korea (2016); MIVA 10, Multidisciplinary Video Art Festival, Quito, Ecuador (2016); Miden Festival of Video Art, Greece (2016); Filmideo 2016 Index Art Center / Newark Museum, USA (2016); Athens Institute Of Contemporary Art (Athica) Micromedia Fest, USA, (2016); International Video Art Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015); Cairo Video Art Festival, Egypt (2014); NAA Video Festival Barcelos, Portugal (2014); FunctionLab, London (2014); Portas Abertas, Forum Eugenio De Almeida, Evora, Portugal (2013); Pleinairism, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada (2013); The Serpentine Gallery Pavillion (2012).

Selected Awards and Residencies: 2018, The Oberhausen International Film Festival Seminar, Germany; 2018, Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, New London, CT, USA; 2017 EarthLab, Proving Grounds Colloquium, Pecha Kucha, University of Westminster, London, UK; 2017 8th Annual Conference in Political Economy, Berlin, Germany 2017 Joya Art + Ecology, Andalucia, Spain 2016 Medea Electronique, Soundscapes And Landscapes Residency, Athens, Greece; 2016 Kent Summer Seminar In Critical Theory With Bernard Stiegler, Paris, France;2015 Autocenter Residency With Thibaud De Ruyter, Berlin, Germany;2014 Investee Activism, Michel Feher, Forensic Architecture-Goldsmiths University/Zone Books; 2013 Tissardemine Residency Award, Morocco; 2012 Banff Art Center Canada Residency Award


2018 / HD / color / sound / single screen / 4' 57 / 36 €
distribution: DCP on server or Digital file on server