(1983- )

Juana Robles (b. Tortosa, Spain 1983) is an experimental filmmaker based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Her recent work is focused on analogue filmmaking. Her films center on a personal poetics and the material approach of the medium. Starting points for her films are often remote places and the experiences, inner worlds, spaces and belongings of outsiders. Her urge is to bring their past and present in an immersive space of intangible and fleeting intimate moments.

​Part of her practice and main interest is to make experimental cinema more accessible to the public and to enhance the development of experimental film and video forms. Between 2015 and 2018 she worked at the Videoex International Experimental Film Festival and Videocompany, Switzerland. From 2018 - 2021 she worked freelance at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival (LUFF), Switzerland as programmer.

Having grown up in Switzerland she holds a MA in Spatial Design from the University of the Arts, Zurich (2014), as well a BA in Visual Communication from the School of Art and Design, Lucerne (2008) and attended three semesters a specialist training class for camera, film editing and design at Studio 1 Film School in Schlieren (2016). In 2013 she was awarded interdisciplinary residency at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing.

Juana Robles moved to Ireland in 2019, her most recent film release is Rue de la Lune - a feature length film supported by the Arts Council Ireland.


2022-2024 / 16mm & 35mm & Super 8mm / b&w / sound / single screen / 25' 27 / 80 €
distribution: DCP on server or Digital file on server