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Frédérique MENANT

After studies in Anthropology, Frédérique Menant turned to documentary cinema and became interested in the photochemical formats, super8 and 16mm. She joined L'Etna and then L'Abominable, two artist-run laboratories where she made a series of short poetic films, gradually stepping away from narrative forms.

She received prizes for her short film MUE(S) at the Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas of Paris and for her film LE JARDIN at the "Filmer le Travail" Festival. Through her photochemical film practice, Frédérique Menant develops a sensitive and intuitive approach in which films are like journeys, as she searches for the secret vibrations of images, for what is hidden and can be discovered. The images she captures invite us to contemplate our way of being in the world and the time that passes through us.


2021-2022 / 16mm / color / sound / single screen / 40' 00 / 150 €
distribution: 35mm or DCP on USB stick