William Kennedy Laurie DICKSON

Nationality: American

"William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, best known as Edison’s assistant in developing the Kinetoscope and Kinetograph, was an important and influential filmmaker. Perhaps, Dickson was the only filmmaker to make films with a camera and a film format (35mm) of his design, in a film studio (Black Maria) that he also designed. He established film production for Edison (1891-1895), American Mutoscope (1896-1897), and British Mutoscope (1897-1903). Working as the director and with assistants such as Heise and Bitzer, he produced more than five hundred films, many of them among the most memorable of the era." — Paul Spehr


  ANNABELLE DANCES AND DANCES - Serpentine and Butterfly Dances
1900 / 35mm / tinted b&w / sound / single screen / 5' 18 / 25 €
distribution: Digital file on server
1900 / 35mm / tinted b&w / silent / single screen / 5' 55 / 26 €
distribution: Digital file on server