Nationality: French

Born in 1987 in the Alpes-Maritimes, Noé Grenier received a diploma from the fine arts school ESBA-MOCO in Montpellier. After three years in Brussels, he enrolled at Le Fresnoy - National Studio for Contemporary Art in 2014. In 2021, he joined La Malterie as an associate artist for a three-year period as part of the Impulse Program.
Since the beginning of his video experiments, Noé Grenier has developed a personal approach to the moving image. Through a series of objects, installations, photographs and films, he brings a refection on the transformation of images, and thus of the gaze, to the temporality of viewing. His work is principally nourished by cinema. By applying gestures and other manipulations to existing or non-existant images, he invites the viewer to explore the omnipresent metamorphosis of consciousness during movement, transport or voyage. He seeks to reveal the relationship between cinematographic movement and human movement. Stories told inside transportation machines have focused up until now on reflecting on the simultaneity effect, the coexistence of images and immediate perception. Today, his work goes further to examine the organization of time and motion through experimental fictions that aim to raise the question of site-specific memory.

These interests are also explored in collective work with the Catharsis Projection trio, which Noé Grenier co-created with Gwendal Sartre and Gilles Ribeiro during his studies at Le Fresnoy. The trio was born out of a desire to organize sporadic projections of film and video programs that would resonate with their own practies, working with and elaborating on their shared recurrent theme of catharsis. It’s around this point of primordial friction between pulsion and formulation that the project has evolved into the creation of collective pieces, with the aim of revealing the complexity and necessity of dialogue between the image and the forces that act upon it.


2021-2022 / 35mm / color-b&w / sound / single screen / 7' 12 / 41 €
distribution: DCP on server or DCP on USB stick or Digital file on server