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Nationality: English

Anna Thew - linguist, writer, painter, turned film-maker and performer, active in making and promoting film and video exhibition and education for over 25 years, working with LFMC Distribution Archive in the ‘80's, co-curating FLUX
projections,'94 - 20016. Studied Italian and German at Manchester University and F.A.Painting at Chelsea School of Art, completing her first films at LFMC '80-‘82.

Her single and multi-screen 16mm films have screened in major International Film Festivals including Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Locarno, Sydney, Rio, Montreal and N.Y; in galleries, including the Serpentine, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, London, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Galleria Pack, Milan and Galleria Lipanje Puntin, Rome; and in touring programmes in Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, the US and UK. Her work is currently touring with ‘This Is Now - Film and Video after Punk', BFI/Lux, (2016 -)
She has taught F.A. at Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts, Goldsmiths, London University, Westminster University and Wimbledon College of Art, running the experimental film seminar series screenings at Chelsea College of Art, UAL,1985 - 2016. She has received major commissions for film from the Arts Council, the BFI, Channel 4, LPF/Film London and LaSept/Arte, with sponsorship from Kodak, Galleria Pack, Milan and Edition Salzgeber, Berlin, winning the first Montez Press Artist's Publication and Residency Award, 2016/17. ‘Anna Thew Films'- Lux Centre, 1999, Multi-Screens Opening Villa Il Capriglio, Turin 2001, ‘Broken Pieces for the Co-operative' European Media Art Festival 2001, MM Centar, Zagreb and Galeria Otok, Dubrovnik 2002, ‘Century of Artists Film and Video', Tate Britain 2003/2004, ‘Long Live Romance - Part II', Galleria Pack, Milan and Lipanje Puntin Rome; M.S. Stubnitz Amsterdam, 2005, ‘Whilst Mario Spins' Palazzo Visconti, Milan, 2014; Rhythmic Films for ‘Intersections', New Art Projects London, 2015; ‘Weaving Time' w. Margaret Tait, Tate Britain 2016, ‘Trapped in Language', ‘Real to Reel', as part of LFMC 50 years, Tate Modern, 2016, ‘FeministStructuralism' w. Lis Rhodes, XCentric Cinema, CCCB, Barcelona, 2017.

Distribution: Light Cone Paris; Edition Salzgeber - Berlin, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen; Flux at Exile Films, LUX and British Film Institute, London.

See: Article by Yann Beauvais 'Comme un Air... ou le Cinema de Anna Thew (‘Like A Song, or the Cinema of Anna Thew', 2006


Articles by Anna Thew on the work of film-makers and performance artists, Derek Jarman, David Medalla, Steve Farrer, George Saxon, David Larcher, Anne Rees-Mogg, Lis Rhodes and Sandra Lahire appear in the Arts Council Artists Film & Video Directory, Performance Magazine, Film Waves/Art in Sight, Vertigo, EYEBALL Anthology, ANIMATE! on line, whilst her contribution to MIRAJ online LFMC ‘80's,
‘90's Discussion, ‘Even Malcolm Became A Feminist - Part 2 - THE RENEGADES' appears in SALT issue no.7.

2016 PROMETHEUS' STOLEN TIME (16mm multi-screen w. quadraphonic sound)
2016 TEMENOS 2016 (HD/DV originated on 16mm, 6 mins)
2015 FROZEN FRAMES (3 screen16mm projection with live performance for n.o.w.here)
2010 PAUL'S POEM (DV assembly from 35mm, 16mm and Super 8, 12 mins )
2009 WHEN KENNETH ANGER SIGNED MY ARM… ( 2K, 16mm, 4 mins)
2008 TAMARIND TROVE (2K originated on 16mm, 11 mins)
2006 BACK TOR (2K originated on 16mm, 6 - 12 screen, 15 - 30 min.cycle)
2005 HVRATSKI FRAMED (2K from 16mm 14 mins)
2005 FRAGMENTS for EYE DRIFT (DV, 16mm, double-screen 12 mins )
2004 L.F.M.C.DEMOLITION (2K, 16mm comopt. 10 mins) Illuminations Tate Gallery
2003 AUTUMN RUSH for Kurt Kren (2K, double or four screen projection, 16mm, 6 mins)
2002 ZHENSHEENA MINSKAYA (2K, 16mm, 6 mins)
2001 BROKEN PIECES for the CO-OPERATIVE (double screen 16mm 35mins)
2000 BROKEN PIECES for the HOSPITAL (video 16 mins)
1998 TERRA VERMIN (16mm/Hi-band double screen 10 mins) Arts Council
1996 BARTOK BUDAPESTEN (DV from Super 8, 15 mins )
1995 JOCASTA'S GIANT CLASP (five screen 16mm projection with performance 30 mins)
1993 CLING FILM (2K, 16mm, 23 mins) Arts Council/Channel 4 ‘Midnight Underground'
1990 EROS EROSION (2K, 16mm, 45 mins) BFI ‘New Directors', Channel 4
1988 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (16mm, 14 mins) Illuminations/C 4 ‘ Ghosts in the Machine'
1987 BLURT ROLL 2 (DV, 16mm, 10 mins) DADADA Arts Council touring programme
1986 HILDA WAS A GOODLOOKER (16mm, 60 mins) Arts Council
1984 MOURNING GARDEN BLACKBIRD (16mm, multi-screen, 8 mins)
1982 BERLIN MEINE AUGEN (2K from Super 8, double screen, 23 mins)
1980 LOST FOR WORDS (2K, 16mm, 27 mins) ‘This Is Now' BFI touring programme 2015/6


2004 / 16mm / color / sound / single screen / 10' 00 / 35 €
distribution: 16mm
2003 / 16mm / color-b&w / silent / double screen / 6' 00 / 42 €
distribution: Digital file on server
1993 / color / sound / single screen / 20' 00 / 67 €
distribution: 16mm
1986-1987 / color-b&w / sound / single screen / 10' 00 / 35 €
distribution: 16mm
1984 / 16mm / color / sound / double screen / 8' 00 / 27 €
distribution: 16mm