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Atelier 105, en résidence / March 29, 2016


We’re lost in flower fields. Cars move around a vast, sunbathed wasteland. Our eye catches characters who seem captivated by this place, by a landscape between the city and the wild nature. They are taking photos of themselves, posing in front of trees, ruins, lawn. Gradually, hints emerge and define our location. But what should we look at? Toward which direction?

What is this place? We’re in the city, in the countryside, in which country? Enormous flower beds are circled by endless cars, the traffic is heavy. Games of light and shadow form strange images which challenge the geographical and temporal landmarks. Surprising sounds are associated with sequences of people disappearing in the landscape. Others are resting on banks. We are wondering where we are. Figures are slowly becoming more precise. There are tourists, curious ones, actors repeating their roles as gladiators.

But we are still wondering where we are.