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Atelier 105, en résidence / October 24, 2016


This film project came into being as part of a residency program for artists originating from Le Havre, which was inaugurated for the 500th anniversary of the city's founding. For me it was an opportunity to evoke the maritime vocation of this port city, and so I decided to film my experience of a transatlantic crossing in a cargo ship. And so began my nautical residency, which took place in a paradoxical space – simultaneously fixed and enclosed (a shipping container 197 meters long by 30 meters wide) and in constant motion across the infinity of the ocean.

42 days toward Central America onboard the CMA CGM Fort Ste Marie: Le Havre (France), Kingston (Jamaica), Carthagena (Colombia), San Tomas (Guatemala), Puerto Cortes (Honduras), Puerto Limon port de Moin (Costa Rica), Kingston (Jamaica), Rotterdam (Holland), Hambourg (Germany), Anvers (Belgium), Le Havre (France).

To keep a ship's logbook means to record significant events or to note nothing in particular within the flux of days that follow each other. This imperative – to keep note – when it applies to the visual and the aural, forces one to become a keen observer, to keep one's ears open, to be hyperpresent. Therefore, to describe my approach I borrow from the maritime vocabulary: a film logbook.