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Atelier 105, en résidence / November 19, 2018


Derrubada não! is a film essay deploying a reflection through an experiment whose objective is to measure the impact of an artistic gesture crystallizing a set of questions relating to what can be defined as belonging: an ethnic group, a history, a language, a culture...
This project is located in the Sertão in the "nordeste" of Brazil, and more precisely in the Pernambuc.

Derrubada não! (with a running time of 23 minutes) takes as its starting point the project of an indigenous artist from the Pernambuc, Edson Barrus, of the Atikum-Umã tribe, which aims to transform a piece of land into an ecological sanctuary.
The project developed following the artist's rapprochement with his people, the Atikum-Umã Indians, who are the Indians located in a triangular territory bounded on one side by the mountains bordering Carnassière da Pena, Barra do Silva and Conceição das Crioulas. This land is located in the Caatinga, which is both a region and a vegetation characteristic of the "nordeste", formed by thorny shrubs that lose their leaves during the dry season, by cactus and herbs.

Derrubada não! wishes to keep trace of this experience, according to complex audio-visual modalities, working from the simultaneous disjunction and juxtaposition of different capture times of the terrain and its surroundings.

The film works with composite images in which the transcription of voices on the screen plays an important role. ?The music was composed by Thomas Köner with whom I had worked in the early 90s and early 2000s on several installation and performance projects.
This project benefited from an artist grant of Funcultura Governo do Estado de Pernambuco.

Yann Beauvais


address Light Cone
157 rue de Crimée
75019 Paris
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