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Atelier 105, en résidence / September 16, 2019


16mm trilogy

TROPICO VIOLETA is a touch between realities, where nature and femininity meet. It is the beginning of accidents and encounters. The original material was filmed using print film in Cuba and, two years later, copied and assembled by hand in Chile.

VUELVO A CASA was born from a geographical landing, an encounter with the place of origin, with home and its contradictions. Multiple exposures and in-camera editing merge past and present, black and white. A rediscovery of the Andes Mountains, a reunion with the dry and cold air.

NINGÚN LUGAR PARA MORIR begins from an unexpected change of place. Everyday images in a territory with memories of war in southern Chile coexist with those of a childbirth. Light and darkness meet in colors, blacks and whites.
The film portrays a forest, a death, and glimmers of light.
Dedicated to Lena.


address Light Cone
157 rue de Crimée
75019 Paris