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Récompense / May 18, 2020


That Which Is To Come Is Just A Promise by Flatform has received the award for Best Documentary Film at the Go Short Festival (Nijmegen, The Netherlands).

In the course of a long, slow take over Funafuti, both drought and floods appear in a constant uninterrupted rhythm.  The state of flux between both type of events is reflected in the places and actions of the inhabitants making the island’s extremes seem familiar: the air is riven with waiting and suspension.

The island of Funafuti, in the archipelago of Tuvalu, for some years now has become the stage for a unique phenomenon.  Due to the unnatural warming of the sea, saltwater seeps into the subsoil bubbling up through the porous terrain provoking floods which put the future of life on this island at risk.

“The filmmakers cleverly and painstakingly capture the inhabitants, who act as performers, juxtaposed and carefully framed within their ever-changing environment being reclaimed by the sea,” said the jury of Go Short.

Flatform is a group of artists founded in 2006 and based in Milan and Berlin. The group works on video, video installations and mobile installations. Works by Flatform have been featured in several film festivals all over the world such as IFF Rotterdam, Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Venice Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival and in many exhibitions in museums and institutions including, among others, the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Awards: Screen Festival 2008 in Oslo; 25FPS 2009 in Zagreb; Lago Film Festival 2010 in Revine Lago; Go Short 2020 in Nijmegen. That Which Is To Come Is Just A Promise (2019) premiered at the 51st edition of Directors’ Fortnight.

Light Cone distributes all the films by Flatform. The French premiere of their new installation, History of a Tree, will take place at the next Scratch Expanded in 2021.


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