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Atelier 105, en résidence / March 29, 2021


In his novel 1984, published in 1948, George Orwell tells the story of a Londoner who undertakes a solitary resistance to the totalitarian party of Big Brother. His name is Winston Smith. The English telephone directory currently lists twenty-five people living in London with the same name. This film is an invitation to meet them, to see if there exists among these namesakes and the novel's hero an unspoken connection.

Born in 1989 in Saint-Avold, Paul Heintz holds diplomas from the School of Fine Arts of Nancy, the School for the Decorative Arts in Paris and the Fresnoy School for Contemporary Art. His work, which takes the form of sculptural objects, sound pieces, films and installations, has been presented at numerous contemporary art events and film festivals, such as FID Marseille, IFFR (Rotterdam), Paris Nuit Blance, Circulation(s). He is a recipient of the 2019 Révélation Emerige prize.


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