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Atelier 105, en résidence / July 20, 2021


Common & brand names:

Day of Wrath / Part 4 of The Numb Spiral

Effects Classification:

Classified as having properties of both Disassociative Anesthetics X Datura Stramonium


Video HD 1080P 23.976

Dies Irae is a bad trip that replicates the dissolution of the self/government/family/body within the solvent of a white supremacist hyperreal suspension. In the movie’s narrative track, M. Woods (the manufacturer of these Disassociative Productions) attempts to enter The Numb Spiral through the “Great Incision of Oxoniae.” He portrays a white father lulled into the digital sickness to be with Wes, his doppelgänger. After entering a portal in a sex webcam site, he becomes Jaldaboath, the demiurge, recklessly seeking completion of the Self through attempts at contacting The Numb Spiral. Meanwhile, Joshua enters The Numb Spiral through 9DVR, a game platform installed at Culver City’s Westfield Shopping Center in Los Angeles. The White Father haunts Joshua until Joshua decides to burn down the White Father’s house in righteous anger.

In the movie’s “Bad Trip” track, a Vast Active Living Intelligence System communicates through the solubility of analog and digital medias. Some of these images, which proliferate the Numb Spiral, are referred to as the HOROS System. This system forms the visual underpinning of the Solis Codex, the accompanying extended text that explicates M. Woods’ relationship to The Numb Spiral.

Manufacturer Note:

This media drug was first synthesized and manufactured by M. Woods, a media terrorist producing Disassociative reactions.


address Atelier 105
157 rue de Crimée
75019 Paris
tel +33 (0)1 46 59 01 53