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Atelier 105, en résidence / April 4, 2022


GROW UP is a 22-minute double-projector film and video work. The work emerges at a critical moment in contemporary discourse regarding women's agency over their public witnessing of sexual harassment and assault. It explores the collision of this witnessing with the media spectacle and politicization of dynamics of gender and sexual assault. The voices of women are heard in militant expression, and public reaction to, the Senate hearings for a nomination of a US Supreme Court Justice by Donald Trump. During the hearings, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified to her sexual assault during her high school years, by nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It is a work whose theme, methods and form strive to, after Edward Said and Anita Hill, speak truth to power. 

Selections from her testimony, as well as material from the filmmakers’ interviews with other women, reveal the importance of the act of women’s testimony to their specific personal experience; and in general , to the importance of publically "witnessing" their experience, in the face of attempts to silence, dismiss, and ridicule it.

Sandra Davis is a filmmaker rooted in experimental and feminist practices. Anna Geyer is a San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker and writer.


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