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Light Cone Éditions / March 3, 2023


After having sold out its first run in a few months, Light Cone is happy to announce that the collective book Expanded Nature - Écologies du cinéma expérimental is back in print. You can find it in our online shop and in bookstores where it is distributed by Presses du réel.

« Expanded, expanded: this book proposes to open up the lexicon, the instruments and the very definitions of the gaze, in order to decenter the human figure in its relationship to the world. While it treads a vast and fertile academic ground (several texts give exemplary account of this, such as Elio Della Noce's "Film as ecological perception"), in light of the world's technological and ecological future, it is set on urgently reformulating certain questions: "Does the expansion of cinematographic powers, in relation to nature's progressive extinction, lead us to imagine new filmic ecologies? (Della Noce and Murari). From Larry Jordan, Stan Brakhage, Michael Snow, Leighton Pierce, Chris Welsby or Rose Lowder to Jacques Perconte or Jennifer Reeves, whose ecological impulse "draws on a feminist tradition of expanding the frame to include the outside world beyond her/our control" (Philip Hoffman and Janine Marchessault), many key names are examined here, and each occurrence provides a new perspective (Welsby, Lowder and Perconte are in fact contributors to the book)."
– Fernando Ganzo, "Nouveaux paysages", Cahiers du Cinéma no. 788, June 2022.

Edited by Elio Della Noce and Lucas Murari, Expanded Nature - Écologies du cinéma expérimental brings together contributions from Elio Della Noce, Scott MacDonald, Jean-Michel Durafour, Kim Knowles, Philip Hoffman and Janine Marchessault, Karel Doing, Chris Dymond, Alice Leroy, Rose Lowder, Chris Welsby, Yaniv Touati, Bidhan Jacobs, Lucas Murari, Teresa Castro, Colectivo los Ingrávidos, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Gérard Leblanc, Frédéric Brayard, Jacques Perconte, Vincent Deville, Lukas Brasiskis and Charlie Hewison.

This book has been published with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) and the contribution of the Laboratoire d'Études en Sciences des Arts (LESA) of Aix-Marseille University.


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