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Atelier 105, en résidence / February 21, 2023


"My Positions result from the transformation caused by the encounter between matter and imagination. In this film, which is inspired by the cycle of nature through its four principal elements (water, wind, earth and fire), existence follows non-existence and vice versa, and worlds succeed each other. With the help of music, which is perfectly tailored to the film's evolution and further articulates its meaning, the audience is immersed from beginning to end, in one event after another, thus hearing a complete symphony. The notes or frequencies of these compositions are interpreted by algorithms, which generate an evolving and organic film, a sort of matter in motion. My goal is to show the movement of matter through space, as well as its changes and transformations caused by the spatiotemporal context. I leave the interpretation open to audiences with different points of view."

Kaveh Kavoosi is a visual artist who holds a DNSEP diploma from the European Academy of Art in Brittany (France), hailing from Iran.


address Atelier 105
157 rue de Crimée
75019 Paris
tel 01 46 59 01 53
email atelier105@lightcone.org