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Atelier 105, en résidence / June 2, 2023


GLORIA OF YOUR IMAGINATION immerses viewers in the fraught life of a recently divorced 30-year-old mother, the culture and events of her formative years, and the bewildering world of the mid-1960s psychotherapy office. Reeves re-works and subverts the first psychotherapy training film to ever present full, genuine sessions (THREE APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY, 1965) through multiple-projection, montage with other found films of the time, and by undoing the linear narrative of the psychotherapy session.

Reeves superimposes 16mm home movies from Gloria’s childhood and adolescence, newsreels, a brassiere commercial, a Miss America pageant, and educational films highlight the social conditions of the world and time of Gloria’s 30 years, acknowledged by only one of the therapists. The layered montage brings out the absurdity, humor, anger, and deep revelations that can come from baring one’s secrets to the experts.

Jennifer Reeves has made over 25 film works since 1990; from avant-garde shorts to expanded cinema performances and experimental features. Reeves’s work has shown extensively from the Berlin, Toronto, and Hong Kong Film Festivals to the Museum of Modern Art, universities, and microcinemas worldwide. Reeves’s acclaimed visceral and personal works immerse viewers in intricate, unfamiliar cinematic territory. Her work elucidates themes of mental health, feminism and sexuality and the natural world.


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