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Atelier 105, en résidence / November 10, 2023


The need to analyze the locomotion of living beings is closely linked with the invention of cinema (Muybridge, Marey); in this film, it is brought into a phantasmagoric and poetic dimension. In its first years, the child discovers the pleasure of moving its body through space, developing its kinaesthetic senses on the swing: the sensation of ascent and descent, drawing nearer and farther, in a joyful jubilation of escaping the laws of gravity. Liberating her- or himself from immobility leads the child to experiment with solutions to achieve locomotion, culminating in the process of walking.

Over 400 drawings, collages, and paintings have been created from filmed sequences to create unique visual movement-images.

Jean-Michel Bouhours was born in 1956. After studying mathematics and physics, he went on to study cinema at Paris VIII University (Vincennes), in particular, with Guy Fihman and Claudine Eizykman. He was the first curator of the film department of the Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou. Since the mid-1970s, he has also made some thirty experimental films and art documentaries. His films are inspired by musical composition and structure, exploring the potential of film frames in relation to each other (what Werner Nekes termed kinê). A founding member of the Paris-Films-Coop in 1976, he distributes his films through Light Cone since the 1980s. His film RYTHMES 76 received the Special Jury Prize a the Festival du Jeune Cinéma of Toulon in 1976.


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