by Lukas MARXT
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Artist Lukas Marxt looks for traces of mankind in what seem on the surface to be stretches of unspoiled nature such as deserts and Arctic waters, in landscapes and in urban environments. He starts with the lowest common denominator: with interventions that take the form of filmmaking and are undertaken by the artist himself. He shows the spaces he seeks out —usually located on the periphery of economic and political centers— as places into which people can project their feelings, the kind of places that correspond to terms such as longing, freedom and, not least, conquest.

This first monograph examines a selection of films as well as video installations from a scholarly point of view including approaches from art history as well as philosophy and cultural studies. In this connection, the artist’s current research project is of particular significance; a project which has already taken him to California, Nevada and Utah and in which he delves deeply into the partly suppressed history of the United States in the context of the military-entertainment complex.

Editor: Claudia Slanar
Texts: Marie-Luise Angerer, Wiliam L. Fox, Claudia Slanar, Shahin Zarinbal
Interview: Julian Ross with Lukas Marxt
Details: 24 x 16 cm, 39 ills. in color


author Lukas MARXT
contributors Marie-Luise ANGERERER
Wiliam L. FOX
Julian ROSS
Claudia SLANAR
city and year of publication Vienna, 2019
binding Paperback
pages 144
language English
ISBN 978-3-903269-45-3