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This video edition brings together the only two documentaries directed to date by Patrick Bokanowski, filmmaker of the imaginary. For 35 years he has brought us a body of work rich in extraordinary characters inhabiting mental environments, on the edge between figurative and abstract art. But here, rather than weaving fantastic dreams, he presents in a direct and realistic style two striking personalities who themselves work to uncover the world of the imaginary and the world of dreams, the painter Henri Dimier, and the psychotherapist Colette Aboulker-Muscat.

The Role of Chance 1984:
Henri Dimier's hand lets itself be guided by
total creative spontaneity, creating a dialogue with the sheet of paper, a conversation with the work in progress, the jubilatory quality of the vibrations of hand on paper. Liberty, fantasy and chance are Henri Dimier's three watchwords.

The Waking Dream 2003:
Colette Aboulker Muscat has taught Waking Dream for the past forty years in Jerusalem. To each person who comes for a consultation, she offers a short story leading to a waking dream, equal in intensity to a night dream. The surprise provoked by the story, and the shortness of the treatment are, for her, essential aspects of the process. The mental imagery itself allows one to overcome a problem or an illness.


publisher Re:voir
format PAL
zone 0 (region free)
running time 93 min.
subtitles english