by Werner NEKES
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"Nekes' films derive from and thrive on Art, set light, color, man and music in estranging motion and show disconcerting, stimulating possibilities for play. It is in experiments such as these that the language of film is developed."
-Brigitte Jeremias, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct. 14,1982

"It is not easy to animate poetry visually since the fascinating Power of the imagination is all too easily numbed by pictures. Nevertheless, Uliisses is a masterpiece."
-Doris J. Heinze, Oct. 1982


1980-1982 / 35mm / couleur / sonore / 90' 00
by Werner NEKES


publisher autoédition
format PAL
zone 0 (region free)
running time 94 min.