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A documentary by Frédérique Dévaux & Michel Armager on the filmmaker Rose Lowdeer. Includes 12 films by Lowder.

DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region-Free, Mono, 4:3

Rose Lowder is an artisan of cinema. Her 16mm camera takes the place of a loom for the weaving of images. She has consecrated her life to these tapestries, these embroideries whose motifs have for many years come from nature, in a state of incessant becoming. Like her elders, the Impressionist painters, she renders her bouquets stroke by stroke, image by image, color after color, to give life to her pointillist compositions in motion.

2002, 24min. followed by 12 films by Rose Lowder : CHAMP PROVENCAL 1979, 16mm, color, 9’ VOILIERS ET COQUELICOTS : 2001, 16mm, color, 2’ BOUQUETS ECOLOGIQUES #21 à 30 : 2003-2005, 16mm, color


publisher RE:VOIR
format PAL
zone zone-free
number of disks 1
running time 50 min.