by Jacques PERCONTE
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« Technology is no stranger to Jacques Perconte; he uses its defects as inspiration, pushing it to its limits and incorporating its margin of error into his creative practice. For Perconte, information technology is capable of providing an accurate representation of the world - not because of its capacity to capture and process the appearance of reality, but because of the chromatic vibrations that it emits, which are not merely mimetic vibrations, but can be compared to the vibrations of reality itself. »
– Nicole Brenez

Contains a 44-page booklet.


2002 / Mini DV / couleur / sonore / 29' 29
by Jacques PERCONTE
2003 / Mini DV / couleur / sonore / 29' 29
by Jacques PERCONTE
2003 / Mini DV / couleur / sonore / 17' 00
by Jacques PERCONTE


release date 2018
publisher Re:Voir
format DVD9 PAL
zone 0 (region free)
number of disks 1
running time 77 min.