by Stephanie MAXWELL
1999 / Betacam SP / color / sound / 1S / 5' 00

A collaborative work with Alan Schindler (composer).
In SOMEWHERE, we have attempted to create a fluid, high energy, game-like work, intricate in its construction but often impulsive and sometimes unpredictable in its constantly shifting focus and gestures. «Close», «distant» and illusory spatial perceptions, and a play between symmetrical and assymetrical patterns (which often «turn on a dime») underly the formal design and expression of both the imagery and the music.
The images were created by hand-painting directly on 35mm film, then digitizing these images to apply visual effects. Many of the musical sounds were created by computer accoustical analysis and, during resynthesis, transformation of instrumental, vocal and environmental sounds. Algorithmic programs written by the composer generated many of the rythmic, melodic and textural ideas, but others were created the «old fashioned» way, at the composer's piano.


distribution format Betacam SP
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 23,00 €