by Maurice LEMAÎTRE
2006 / color / sound / 1S / 50' 00

My editor having had, at the beginning of year 2005, the fine idea to suggest to Tami WILLIAMS, the American scholar specialized in Germaine DULAC, to invite me to a conference on the creative filmmaker, with a retrospective of her films, I went to the University of Nanterre, June 7 of the same year, in order to add a new testimony to those of all the academic specialists on the work of a French film pioneer, alas, as is often the case for pioneers in our country, almost ignored by our fellow-citizens, even those who reign on the Cinémathèque Française, whose dealings towards true film invention are deplorable, if not criminal, as I have so often analyzed in many of my works dedicated to this unhappy institution. Shortly thereafter I received from one of my enthusiastic listeners a letter from which I learned that he had recorded my talk, which delighted me greatly, as I apprehended that it had not been collected by the organizers, or that I might have had, as on many preceding occasions, to suffer martyrdom to obtain a copy of it myself. This impassioned cinema lover, Karim DANIALI, even offered me to transcribe my intervention, which doubled my pleasure, because I believe in the written word, which makes it possible to better fix things and to study them with leisure, for better rebounding on them. This transcription one will find hereafter of course, in its entirety, and proofread to bring the precision and the polish of the printed writing, without however, on the contrary, pruning its spontaneity. Anecdotally, and because it is alas significant, being refunded by the University for my tiny expenses at the time of a visit (especially with my disastrous state of health at the time) revealed itself to be a true administrative way of the cross, which led myself and the friends in charge of this refunding to brutal polemic, without prejudice of a possible lawsuit. We were thus able to judge once again (after so many other occasions before and after May 1968) the appalling, and especially dangerous situation of the French University." M.L. November 2005


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