by Jeanne LIOTTA
2007 / 16mm or Digital file on USB stick / coul / son / 19' 00

extract : 5' 50

Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth. This work is neither a metaphor nor a symbol, but is feeling towards a fact in the mist of perception, which time flows through. Natural VLF radio recordings of the magnetosphere in action allow the universe to speak for itself. The Sublime is Now. Amor Fati!


distribution format 16mm
1 reel
original format 16mm
speed 24 ips
screen 1,37 - standard
sound opt
notes A jouer fort.

Copie Xenon
translation no
rental fee 71,00 €
distribution format Fichier sur clé USB NTFS (Mac, Windows et Linux)
original format 16mm
speed 24 ips
screen 16/9 (vidéo)
sound son
notes video Apple ProRes 1920*1080
son PCM

! Format vidéo 19/6 mais image 4/3 avec des bandes noires latérales.
translation no
rental fee 71,00 €