by LIA
2006 / Betacam SP / color / sound / 1S / 6' 00

A transformation of black and white into a glowing orange which resembles a sunrise, or the transition of a b/w film to color. At the beginning pulsing white squares conquer an abstract space, and at the end it seems we can hear the sound of waves at the sea's edge accompanied by a symphony of gliding, circling figures. Calculated indecision between VJ minimalism and fragments of a narrative intention. Possibly a creation story in digital apparel: In the beginning darkness and light separated, then heaven and earth. Clouds gather and rain begins to fall. The soundtrack in particular offers one narrative after another; suddenly shots are fired, the sound of footsteps moving away. Soundtrack and image merge in an «audiovision» (Michel Chion), producing a number of new meanings in the head of the viewer-listener which indicate the basic dis-/associations of the audible and the visible. They are coded in the same language on the disk, and DVD players divide them along the sensory channels of ear and eye into perceptible signals the viewer's consciousness must then put back together.
Again and again, a space is outlined, and it indicates the existence of more than just itself: an interior and an exterior, rain running down a windowpane, the lines of a horizon appearing and disappearing. All that is created within a strictly formal arrangement by means of repeated superimpositions of sounds and visual forms. A layering from the simple to the complex, in trembling lines, dancing planes, in a crackling and rumbling. This audiovisual experience lasts precisely 5 minutes and 43 seconds during which the viewer is reminded that the word «minute» is related to «minutely detailed» and «miniature,» or that which is «pedantic» and «extremely exact,» and this is the kind of attention one would expect of int.16/45//son01/30x1. (Dietmar Kammerer)


distribution format Digital file on server (PAL)
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 23,00 €