2008 / color-b&w / sound / 1S / 7' 56

"Is that the future of cinema?" I was asked by a friend who runs a cinematheque, when I told him that I had just finished a film which I had shot with my cellphone camera. Yes indeed; it's one of its many evolutionary processes. Movie theater audiences are shrinking, young people are abandoning television for other types of imagery, such as web streaming (You Tube, Daily Motion, Myspace, Facebook &c), video games, DVDs which they watch at home and iPods which they watch everywhere else.
For my part, I have always filmed on Super-8mm film and the occasional use of cellphone camera comes naturally to me. The only difference is that it is even more intimate, even smaller and I don't need to change cartridges every 3 minutes - although I do have to remember to recharge the battery.
For this film - 'Don't Ring' - I wanted to see what the classic images from the days of my cinematic initiations (1960-1980) would look like if I re-filmed them with my GP3; Antonioni, Truffaut and company. I was happy to see that they retained their power despite the low resolution, the 'dirty' image quality and the 0mm format. I mixed them in with other images - of Paris - that I had also shot with my cellphone.
These images are reprocessed, re-edited, the sound is recreated and, in the end, this long thread of telephonic 'film' generates a little nostalgia, a hint of incommunicability and a pinch of solitude.


distribution format Digital file on server (PAL)
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 40,00 €