by Ivan Ladislav GALETA
1976-1984 / 16mm / b&w / sound / 1S / 12' 00

TWO TIMES IN ONE SPACE by Ivan Ladislav Galeta is an anthology of Croatian experimental film. The work arose in the context of Galeta's research into the ideas of extended film and apropriates Nikola Stojanovic fiction film IN THE KITCHEN (1968), shot in a single black and white frame lasting 12 minutes. TWO TIMES IN ONE SPACE was originally made via dual projectio on the same screen, with a fixed time lag of 9 seconds (1976). In the laboratry version, the two copies are combined with a delay of 216 images per second (1984). Through the simple procedure of manipulating the reel, Galeta creates a perceptual modification of the space-time aspect narration, creating a wonderfully intensified meaning in the action represented by the ongoing dissolving of the visual presence of the current moment through the visual and prolongation of the sound, the film's realism takes on unreal or surreal elements heigh-ened with new and unexpected narrative factors emerging from the temporal shift. Galeta conceptualizes time, the medium's key aspect. Yet it is the dramatic content of the film, two parallel actions reprensenting something both ordinary and extraordinary, recurrent and singular that complicates and deepens the structure of the existing work, continuing along the lines of Galeta's other films into the inverstigation of time as an existential category.

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