2009 / Mini DV / color / sound / 1S / 5' 00

In much of his video art, SJ.Ramir utilises geographical landscapes – and the movement of people through them, as a metaphor, to explore the notion of metaphysical journeys that we make across landscapes within in the mind. In a slight deviation from his usual style, Into Daylight is a widescreen ‘cinematic response’, to this theme. In it, Ramir has employed classic filmic devices - such as composed vignettes and slow camera pans - in combination with a lulling cinematic soundtrack, until a change in atmosphere occurs, and a lone figure, in silhouette, is revealed to be travelling through a remote and desolate terrain. The destination is not known. The focus is simply on the figures journey.

Financed by the Screen Innovation Production Fund - a partnership between the New Zealand Film Commission and Creative New Zealand.

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