© © Annja Krautgasse

© © Annja Krautgasse


by [N:JA]
2007 / Video / b&w / sound / 1S / 2' 00

The cinematic has always maneuvered in the charged field of visibility and its disruption or dissolution. Images appear and produce an order of visibility, yet to the same degree, cut and montage, slowing down and speeding up, superimposing and suppressing simultaneously drive this order to a border that it both constitutes and threatens, or at the very least, questions.

Around and around by Annja Krautgasser refers to this border in multiple ways: there is, for one, the horizon, both end and unknown beginning, the division of the world, the demarcation of the field of view; there is also the panorama, the omniscience, the “scopic regime of modernity,” the transgression of every containment of the gaze, removing its boundaries; and then there is still speed, acceleration, the crisis of the view, if not its catastrophic failure. And naturally, the cinematic medium (not video or film) is present, which Annja Krautgasser does not thematize, does not show in the montages of horizons rushing by (distinctive mountains and nearly abstract “deserts”), but rather, exhibits, one could say. Is it inherent in the event of the medium – as Jacques Derrida wrote – that what appears also disappears at the same time? Then around and around seems to work down to that vague “seam” of the visual on which the filmic image threatens to go out, to disappear behind the horizon, and appears to tackle this erasure with ecstatic performance (i.e., with cinematic means). A postponement of disappearance that even seems to permit the “space” of the visual in the first place. (Reinhard Braun)


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sound sound
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