by Pedro MAIA
2010 / Super 8mm / color / sound / 1S / 12' 00

Is the mother of Jesus or the sister of Lazarus and Martha, somehow lost in the images of this film? Perceptions of time, space and image, disrupting and disorienting the viewer.

Sustained in the subversion of perception, this film departs from a pornographic movie of the 70’s in which the lead actress is called “Mary”. Through the combination of the title with the sound and the abstraction resulting from images, this film suggests an inaccurate assessment of the objectivity of it’s content. It’s an attempt of interfering with the relationship between the spectator and the film itself by the use of the abstraction.
This work has been developed analogically in the darkroom and in the laboratory by chemical and physical manipulation of the film. Through image, sound, support and the various ways in which these affect a particular space, environment and the spectator, this project arises from the fixation on abstraction, autonomy of media and materials in opposition to the practice of classical narrative.
Using the elementary properties of film, light and shadow, and the relationship of different sensorial plans such as hearing and vision, this film seeks to create a series of phenomena caused by a neurological condition, over which we have no control, and that allows us to get more beyond what is obvious, visible and audible.


distribution format Digital file on server (SD)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
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