by Siegfried Alexander FRUHAUF
2010 / 35mm / color-b&w / sound / 1S / 6' 00

Sun, beach, the sea: Most people associate them with carefree days off work, being freed of civilizationís demands. In Siegfried Fruhaufís tranquility an image of a woman lying on her back in the sand, next to her an abandoned beach toy and nothing but sun and wind above, represents the point of departure for an adventurously long journey, one produced by the film material to be found here. tranquility could be regarded as a vacation daydream, a record of a flight of fantasy fluttering away, limitless consciousness raising which ends in a state of total relaxation, presumably like that of the woman on the beach. The transitions between the individual images take place on all the pathways on which the consciousness works with meanings: linguistic, visual, acoustic. The Sea of Tranquility, where the first humans set foot on the Moon, is no more than a mental leap away in tranquility also. The plane, the majestic takeoff of which Fruhauf shows in a silent sequence, moves away from the woman on the beach (if anyoneís still thinking about her at this point) like a gigantic floating palace, and one could say that tranquility is also a film which should be seen as a flight from material to material, the crossing of a castle in the air constructed under the great sun of the exposure. The here and there are separated by the feverish dream of a radiated force that leaves traces of the world in the film's images. A sea of tranquility, though its waves can surge ecstatically at any time.
(Bert Rebhandl)


distribution format 35mm
screen 1,66 - Panoramic (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 24,00 €

distribution format Digital file on server (FHD)
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 24,00 €