by Antoni PINENT
2008-2013 / 35mm / color / sound / 1S / 22' 00

What the hell is 'G/R/E/A/S/E'?
... a handmade décollage film / Vinyl and Celluloid Party / the last piece of the "Film Quartet" trilogy [with 'FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME' (2006-2008) & 'KINOSTURM KUBELKA / 16 variaciones' (2009)] / a deconstruction / [...] ← [...] / A new (sub)versions film... all from the original 'Grease' (1978) / a Re-Play [to – with] 'Grease'? / A Musical? / Found Footage Film ≠ Appropriationism / Experimental Cinema must be serious only? / Inspired by Dziga Vertov, Mimmo Rotella, Christian Marclay, Pablo Ferro, Paul SHARITS, Andy Warhol, etc. / The challenge to go further with the "Film Quartet" technique (35/4) / about identities / homoerotic reflexion [...]

Starring Olivia Travolta (as Sanny Olsen), John Newton-John (as Dandy Zuko) and the mysterious Scratch Girl.

Brief note:
« I have to say it made me a bit proud when I saw Antoni PINENT’s wonderful new film 'G/R/E/A/S/E' – as if a message I had sent out into the world – a message in a can – had arrived and yielded new fruit. Despite its affinity to my own conception of the art of film, I started wondering, how in the world did he do it?!? It's always a good sign when I start asking myself this. The visual splendor of 'G/R/E/A/S/E' is breathtaking. Go watch and enjoy this amazing work – and start wondering, how in the world did Antoni pull it off !?!? » [Peter TSCHERKASSKY, June 04th 2013]


distribution format 35mm
screen 2,35 - Scope (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound opt
original language English & Spanish
rental fee 100,00 €