version sonore de 2014

by Frances H. FLAHERTY & Monica FLAHERTY & Robert J. FLAHERTY
1923 / 35mm / b&w / sound / 1S / 97' 47

2K Restoration Produced by Bruce Posner & Sami van Ingen (2014)

In 1924, documentary film pioneers Robert and Frances Flaherty and family traveled to the Samoan island of Savaii to record the native life and make a film that would try to match the success of ‘Nanook of the North.’

Fifty years later in 1975, the Flahertys' daughter Monica ventured back to Savai’i, with documentarian Richard Leacock, to record a new audio track comprised of the sounds of the island and voices in the regional dialect—completed in 1980 and released as ‘Moana With Sound.’

This edition of “Moana With Sound,’ restored in 2K digital by Bruce Posner and Sami van Ingen (great-grandson of the Flahertys), marks the first time Monica's soundtrack has been married to a pristine 35mm print of ‘Moana’ and allows the landmark motion picture to be seen—and heard—in its full glory as a beautiful work of docufiction and an important piece of film history.” —Kino Lorber

“There’s quite simply nothing like it.” —Laya Maheshwari, INDIEWIRE

“The imagery, in scenes that always unfold slowly, is truly startling, particularly given that the film is almost 90 years old. Matters of fact and fiction aside, sights like the undulating, near-transparent sea, where the village men pursue their catches, are ultimately their own justification here.” —Glenn Kenny, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Courtesy: Sami van Ingen, Bruce Posner, Robert and Frances Flaherty Study Center, Kino Lorber


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