Nationality: American

“Born Mildred in northern California and nicknamed Chick by her father, CHICK STRAND (1931-2009) studied anthropology at Berkeley in the 1960s, joined the free speech movement, and experimented with photographic collage. She joined the filmmaker Bruce Baillie and editor Ernest Callenbach to found Canyon Cinema, a screening collective that evolved into the San Francisco Cinematheque and the independent distributor Canyon Cinema. She enrolled on the ethnography program at UCLA, and after graduating in 1971 taught for 24 years at Occidental College. She made nineteen films, many shot in Mexico, while traveling with her life and creative partner, the pop-surealist artist Neon Park (Martin Muller, 1940-93). Her work is held in the collection of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and continues to be distributed by Canyon Cinema.”—Wikipedia


1976 / color / sound / single screen / 10' 15 / 33 €
distribution: 16mm