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Atelier 105, en résidence / April 11, 2016


The idea of the film is simple, three screens are occupied by three different characters - a teddy bear, a person, the letters of the word TEST - all of them executing a certain number of figures - circles, spirales, vertical and horizontal crossings on the images, etc. They are filmed in animation. Each sequence is rigorously timed (to the number of frames) in order to achieve a perfect synch between them. A fourth element comes to disrupt this coordination by gradually intruding between sequences and from the first to the third screen in a chaos of dust and explosion. It’s video footage capturing the demolition of a social buildings complex in a Glasgow neighborhood at a time when so-called disadvantaged districts throughout Europe were being renovated in the 90s. Once this sequence ends, the synch is re-established until it is disrupted again. Only one out of the three films, the one on the central screen, is in black-and-white. The disrupting black-and-white element intrudes the films in color and vice-versa.