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Atelier 105, en résidence / 29 août 2016


Birds bark is inhabited by dogs, cats, beetles, ants, parrots, humans, snails, chickadees, worms. These beings appear as shadows, stains, abstract forms, projections, in a kind of ventriloquist image. These beings imitate, hunt, love each other and engage with, hide from and play with each other. The one making noises is not who you think it is; dialogues punctuate these noises, from the man imitating birds in front of a hilarious audience to this girl asking questions about prehistorical dragonflies and the concomitant existence of mosquitos, or this man making his dog resolve math equations, and this group of people trying to identify a nocturnal insect.

The film is crossed by duplication and imitation through the choice of "indirect" images and "noisist" sounds, forming a strange bestiary in which humans are just a part of.