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Atelier 105, en résidence / March 6, 2017


Dendromacy, in intimacy with trees, is a project realized with an ecophysiologist on its fields of study. It is inspired by scientific protocols in an attempt to make perceptible an invisible relationship between man and tree. The trees produce gaseous exchanges with the atmosphere, like the whole plant world. This respiration is much slower and diffuse than that of human beings. The film seeks to make these two respiratory modes dialogue.

Dendromacy proposes an experience of an empirical nature to the spectator. It comes in three parts that correspond to types of camera functions and induce different chromatics and image rhythms. These colors and these pulsations are modified according to the interaction between the man and the plant. A hand on the bark leaves its imprint, the breathing of the character like that of the trunk becomes perceptible ...

The shots were made with a cooled lens thermal camera which is normally used to detect CO2 leakage on industrial sites. This project was carried out in collaboration with Claire Damesin and was supported by Diagonale Paris-Saclay and FLIR company.

The editing was done in collaboration with Gabrielle Reiner. Jean-Michel Ponty's original soundtrack was created from prepared wood instruments and sounds from wood.