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Atelier 105, en résidence / October 21, 2020


At the beginning, there is simultaneity. A marine fossil of a crinoid discovered near the summit of Mount Everest, a famous British mountaineer who vanishes, and a Russian statesman who dies are the starting points of a story on the transformation of matter. Of these bodies, gone in 1924, all that remains is everything.

The film is a free and transversal exploration of terrestrial matter and its transformations. The preserved bodies of George Mallory and Lenin, one fossilized by weather conditions, the other embalmed with the use of petrochemistry, have become, in a way, the eternal achievements of the political ideologies that had moved them. Humans have permutated their original organic cycle in order to nestle within other, larger cycles of the Earth. Produced using original 16mm and images found on the internet, the various levels of imagery and the intrinsic textures of each medium telescope and merge into a kind of hallucinatory flow.

Astrid de la Chapelle is a French artist and filmmaker. In her films she experiments with storytelling, particularly in relation to geology and the economic circuits of the Earth's resources, as well as science fiction. She also plays in the group Shrouded and the Dinner with four other artists.


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